Temples and Healing

Morningglow Tower, temple of Lathander, presided over by Lightlord Liam Sunmist.

The Harvest House, temple of Chauntea, led by Lady Priestess Maerovyna.

Fairfortune Hall, shrine of Tymora, attended by Bando the Lame, a crippled halfling.

The Table of the Sword, shrine of Tempus, founded by the unpopular half-elf Baergon Bluesword, who came to town from Waterdeep during the Dragonspear incursions.

Wiston Apothecary, most notable apothecary (and minor alchemist) ran by Feesler Wiston

The Clean Chin, barbershop and minor medical services (bandages and stitching)

Physician’s Order, a Physician’s Guild establishment dealing in theory and lore of medicine and disease

Temples and Healing

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