In order of appearance (possibly). NPCs of note have their description and a picture located in the Characters section to the left.

Dellet – Agent for the Hukreel Amnian Merchant House

Briar – Stable owner and horse trainer at The Way Inn (follower of Chauntea)

Shale – Senior Scribe at the Harvest House (Chauntea temple) in Daggerford

Lady Valshia Hukreel - Amnian Noble and  Representative of Merchant House Hukreel

Feesler Wiston - Apothecary and alchemist, owner of Wiston's Apothecary in Daggerford

Feldra Boarbane - Owner and barkeep of the Old Boar's Inn in Julkoun

Gogmurt - Priest of Chauntea in Julkoun

Constable Preen- Constable of the village of Julkoun

Perjohn Brimtower - Proprietor of the general store in Julkoun

Ankus Ankalvin - Minor Merchant based from Baldur's Gate

Baergon Bluesword - Priest at the Table of the Sword (Shrine to Tempus) in Daggerford

Korbus Brightjewel – Jeweler and owner of Korbus's Jewels and Fine Ornaments in Daggerford

Owendon Orcslayer – Proprietor of the Lady Luck Tavern in Daggerford

Wayfel - Blacksmith and Weaponsmith at Wayfel's Smithy in Daggerford

Derval Ironeater - Guildmaster of the Blacksmiths and owner of Derval's Bright Blade in Daggerford

Sheren Spearslayer – Captain of the Daggerford Militia

Pavril – Agent of the Grey Watchers

Sasheer Evermore – Captain of the Guard for the Daggerford Consolidated Mining Camp in the Sword Hills

Eldrac Bonecaster – Sage on the Delzoun Empire at the Thinker's Fraternity in Daggerord

Renir Copperbeard – Ancient dwarven researcher residing in Goldenfields

Autumn – pixie agent of the Emerald Enclave and pacifist druid

Ellardin Darovik – Abbot of Harvesthome (temple) in Goldenfields and member of the Emerald Enclave

Miros Xelbrin - The 'Yeti', barkeep and proprietor of Northfurrow's End in Goldenfields


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