Governmental Buildings

- Barracks, houses the town militia, guardsmen, and officers as well as the outer patrols

- Cisterns, provides access to fresh water and the town’s sewage system

- The Commons, open land south of the castle

- Constable, the local town guard, inspectors, courts, and administrative offices

- Delfen’s Tower, well respected resident mage of power with access to the Council

- Drill Field, field for militia and guard maneuvers and training

- Ducal Castle, is a three-story stone keep on a hill, surrounded by a high wall. Is the residence of the Governor-Mayor elected by the Council since the Ducal family’s demise

- Guildmaster’s Hall, large building with offices for all guilds and numerous halls and meeting rooms to discuss business and house guild dignitaries from around the Sword Coast

- Jail, stone building with underground cells for detaining those awaiting trials or bail

- Marketplace, open-air market with daily stalls for rent to assure orderly business and competition. The prime market takes place on every fiveday and tenday of each ride. Farmers and small merchants bring goods to the marketplace and sell them from temporary booths.

- Marketplace Storage, cages and stalls for storage of market goods overnight or daily

Governmental Buildings

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