All things have a beginning and from those beginnings rise the tales and rumors of deeds both brave and dastardly. It is these tales that potentially become legend and even history. Whether by fate or luck this beginning starts along the Trade Way upon the Sword Coast in the small village known as The Way Inn. As always, Adventurer's Beware!!!

The story has taken the party along the Sword Coast to the town of Daggerford where they have made friend and foe alike. After discovering the Dourstone Mine was a ruse to cover nefarious activity between the Black Earth Cult, the Blackblood Orc Tribe, and a third unknown entity, the party traveled into the Forlorn Hills, to an ancient dwarven redoubt known as Glitterhame, to stop the Black Earth Cult. Mixed success were the results with the defeat of the cult in Glitterhame and the death of two party members. An earthquake was unleashed in the immediate vicinity and the group gained two new members on their return to the surface.

Back on the surface, the group was drawn into a conflict with rampaging giants along the Sword Coast while discovering that a demonic hoard has disrupted the underdark. Learning that the demonic hoards have kept to the underdark, the giant problem has become the group's focus while discovering several connections between the party that was unknown until conflicts occurred. With another connection via mysterious dragon scales obtained prior to the group's assembly, the party discover that happenings along the coast transpire regardless of their activities.