Adventurer's Beware

23 Nightal (The Drawing Down) – Friendly and Unfriendly Faces

Rising early, the party travelled through nearly five inches of snow to the cut toward Port Llast. As they approached the somewhat repaired stone wall, an old man and a teenage boy stood vigilant with spears in hand. Noticing the Wardens, the teenager called forth a welcome and greeted the group as they passed through the still broken gates.

Entering Port Llast, construction was evident and dwarves along with the residents were focusing their efforts on repairing the most salvageable buildings. An inquiry about Bazain guided the group to the central isle of the small bay to a large three story structure still intact. Upon entering, it was obvious that the building served as a central hall for food and warmth as many of the surviving children along with some of the old were lounging about. Other workers, including dwarves and humans came and went to grab some food and warmth before returning to their work. Looking for Pavril, only Tamnai pointed out a thin female scooping ladles of stew into the children’s bowls. At the same time, Aelith met eyes with a large half-orc with a menacing glare. Strog Thunderblade, the captain of the guard at Goldenfields released from his duties at the behest of the party, was in port Llast as well.

As the group grabbed a table, they asked a dwarf about the whereabouts of Bazain. The dwarf stated that he should be by soon since he checks frequently to ensure adherence to breaks and meals. As soon as the dwarf departed, the group noticed Strog approaching with a wide smile. The half-orc placed his meaty fists on the table and gladly revealed that one of their number was wanted for a pretty price along the coast. He stared at Aelith for most of the time as he gloated about how he shared plenty of information to some men about all of them. Carden slung insults back at the half-orc, while everyone else refused to show any reaction to his annoyance. Seeing Bazain enter with a few dwarves, Strog used the moment to excuse himself from the group and depart the building.

Bazain noticed the group quickly and approached greeting them and sharing his approval at their deeds in Gauntylgrym. Unable to spend much time, the dwarven caravanmaster shares the relief efforts success thus far and his admiration for the resident’s stubborn determination to rebuild even during winter. After a drink with the group, Bazain excused himself.

Pavril then approached the group smiling coyly. After commenting on Carden’s escalating looks and the group’s heightened achievements, Pavril teased a bit more before admitting that she has an ally waiting on the High Trail between Port Llast and Luskan. Her ally is a couple of days’ ride north and can guide them to Annam’s Temple, an ancient giant temple to the god of giants’ origin. The undying oracle is said to speak with Annam’s voice and knowledge. The group considers her proposal and decides it would be best to go sooner than later. Pavril offers to either accompany them or meet them there. The group chooses for her to accompany them and she states that she will settle her business here quickly and catch them on the road north within an hour or so after she retrieves her mount.

Departing the building, the group heads back toward the east while Pavril seems to head toward a large ship just off the ruined docks to the north. Mounting back up, the Wardens pass the wall again and say farewell to the two residents watching them depart. Aelith picks up that a single horse has ridden this path recently and shares with the others. A short discussion betting that the trail belongs to Strog is cut short as the group starts to reach the upper edge of the cut to see a group of armored men spread about.

A quick assessment reveals a total of 14 men, most in chain mail with shields on their back and heavy crossbows in their hands. Two mounted and one standing in the forefront. All bearing the livery commonly known as the Zhentarim. Their positioning suggests that they are well trained and aware to spread out enough to prevent spells from catching too many in their radius. The Zhent in the front called loudly to the group suggesting that one of their number was wanted with a very profitable bounty.

Aelith and Droom walked forward while the ranger asked about the bounty. Discovering that the bounty was a 1,000 gold coins for Aelith, the party flinched at such a high bounty. However, the Zhent offered a counter to such if the party were to provide 200 gold coins now for them to ignore the presence of such a wanted man. Craden immediately started getting irate and Dyan’ette started to scoff at such treatment by a group of mercenaries. It appeared that both wanted a fight regardless of the outcome. However, Aelith and Droom were more level-headed and set to bartering. The Zhent offered that time was money and raised the passage to 250 gold coins. Before Carden and Dyan’ette could start something without full knowledge of their adversary, Aelith agreed and with the addition of some of Droom’s coin, he through the sack of gold to the Zhent. The Zhent smiled, lifted the sack, and waved the group through. Expecting treachery, the group slowly walked and rode through the Zhents until beyond them. The two horsed Zhents paced a hundred feet back until the group reached the High Trail and turned north toward Luskan.

Cautiously, the group travelled north discussing the situation and waiting for Pavril to catch up. After a while, they began to worry that Pavril might be assailed by the Zhents. Stopping and waiting almost an hour, the group decided to return for her. They cautiously approached the cut and then dismounted their horses to nestle them in the thin pines along the northern cut. Aelith cast his pass without trace spell to conceal the groups approach as they headed toward the last known position of the Zhents.

Shifting between the pines, the group spotted the Zhents. There were three groups now. The closest group was on the northern side of the cut some 30 feet beyond the pines and roughly 80 feet from the Wardens current location. This group consisted of a circle of five armored crossbow wielding Zhents spread about watching both north and south while a single mounted Zhent on their western flank talked with another Zhent beyond his horse a few feet. The second group was very similar, but on the southern side of the cut approximately 150 feet from the party. Their mounted man was to the north and also spoke to another Zhent without a shield near his horse. The third group grabbed the party’s attention as two large Zhents held Pavril between them sagging in their grip as another armored Zhent backhanded repetitively. A pair of Zhents stood 15 feet to each side of the spectacle while Strog Thunderblade could be seen 20 feet beyond the entire group. The distance to Pavril and her assaulter appeared to be about 150 feet.

20-22 Nightal (The Drawing Down) – Leaving Gauntylgrym

Early morning on 20 Nightal, Dyan’ette approached Anverth to discuss that he would be leaving that day. The drow wanted to discuss options with the svirfneblin arcanist. Anverth believed that the staff could be finished if placed in the forges of Gauntylgrym for fusing its magical properties. Dyan’ette agreed and they journeyed to the forges where Maegera was released back into the forge’s heart. Anverth convinced one of the dwarven weaponsmiths to aid in the process. Anverth handled the tongs and slowly turned the staff in the white radiance of the forge as Dyan’ette suffused his magic into the staff after offering more of his blood to bind the staff to him. An hour passed as the staff cooled and the drow diviner waited to see if his efforts were successful. Taking the staff in hand, Dyan’ette cast detect magic and watched as the staff glowed with a magical aura. Further identification revealed success as the staff showed properties to aid his accuracy with arcane spells and an ability to store spells. The fusion of blood magic permitted the creation, but it also bound the staff to Dyan’ette only with a cost of his blood to store each spell level. Anverth congratulated the drow and warned caution until he could fully master the staff. Satisfied deeply, the drow thanked the gnome and returned to his quarters to gather his items for the journey ahead.

The party learned that Bazain along with two dozen Gauntylgrym dwarves comprised of masons, engineers, and carvers accompanied Thirbar and the Stoneshaft dwarves from Thornhold back to Port Llast only a few days after their original arrival. With King Bruenor’s blessing, the dwarves were sent to aid the residents of Port Llast and build a relationship for future trade. After saying their farewells, the party gathered their gear, rations for the trail, and their horses before departing Gauntylgrym around noon.

The next few nights and days passed slowly as the party trekked the trail through the foothills below Mount Hotenow and the Neverwinter Wood that they had previously travelled. Both day and night proved uneventful as the cold of winter sunk into the woods. At least the winds were held at bay by the trees.

The group decided to camp their last night along the edge of the Neverwinter Wood. Knowing they could make Port Llast mid-morning the following day.

19 Nightal (The Drawing Down) – News from a Friend

Early in the morning, Rhogar approached the group to inform them that he was requested by Catti-brie to escort her back to Luskan. She was using magic and he would need to leave in the next hour. The paladin seemed excited to provide the service and gain further favor with the dwarves. He assured that he would return before winter ended and wished them well. Somewhat surprised, the group agreed that it would be acceptable since they intended to stay for the winter. Each wished Rhogar a speedy journey and the paladin handed the bag of holding with the party funds and the decanter of endless water to Tamnai. Rhogar held the sending stone in his hand and announced that they could still speak if needed. The group joked at the paladin’s excitement once he departed as they finished breakfast.

Later that evening during their evening meal, a dwarven messenger arrived and asked for Carden. The rogue raised his hand and the messenger handed him a sealed scroll tube. After receiving a tip for his services from the reluctant rogue, the messenger left. Carden eyed the scroll and broke the seal as the party watched him carefully.

His eyes rolled as he read from the scroll to reveal that the message was from Pavril. She had learned that the group was in Gauntylgrym from Bazain and Thirbar in Port Llast. They were leading the dwarven rebuilding assistance there. The message solicited the party, with King Bruenor’s approval, to end the giant menace along the Sword Coast. Pavril admits that she has an ally that knows the location of Annam’s Temple where an oracle resides that can provide answers on how to end the current giant rampage and remove this scourge from the peoples of the Sword Coast.

After a discussion, the group decided to return to Port Llast to hear her out and get some fresh air. If true, they could end the menace and gain the respect of many up and down the coast for doing so. Since the journey would take three days, they decided to leave the following day near midday.

18 Nightal (The Drawing Down) – Nightcaller’s Doom

Early in the day, Catti-brie collected Nightcaller from the group. She asked to take the bag of holding, so she could remove the whistle only when within the presence of Maergera. The group agreed and waited. An hour or so later, Carden heaved and then puked while Rhogar became slightly dizzy. Both recovered quickly as the group looked at them concerned. It was done! Nightcaller was gone. Destroyed in the raging inferno of the primordial Maegera. Catti-brie returned with the bag of holding and confirmed that the whistle had been utterly consumed. Relieved, the group discussed very little and seemed content to return to their winter in Gauntylgrym.

17 Nightal (The Drawing Down) – The King’s Daughter

Midday on 17 Nightal, the group received word that they were to have an audience with King Bruenor. Once assembled, the group were escorted to a smaller audience chamber they had not visited before. Across a large table carved to depict much of the north along the Sword Coast, Bruenor stood speaking to a brown-skinned woman with thick light brown curly hair with red highlights. She looked toward the group with her deep blue eyes and smiled. Bruenor waved his hand toward the woman and introduced her as Catti-brie, his daughter. The king’s daughter was not a dwarf, but a human of Bedine blood. The young woman opened her arms in greeting and the group immediately noticed spellscars on each of her forearms. A seven-pointed star on a circle of red was centered on her left forearm whereas a unicorn’s head rested on her right forearm. Her long white flowing dress suggested comfort and utility. Catti-brie thanked each of the group for their assistance in preventing the drow from stealing Maegera.

Another woman of pale skin and jet-black hair stood beyond Catti-brie watching the group closely. Shadows seemed to caress her skin and keep her obscured somewhat unless looking directly at her. Bruenor asked the group to describe their need and upon mentioning the destruction of Nightcaller, Catti-brie asked for the story of how the group encountered this item and what happened since. Carden eventually stood forward and relayed his encounter with the whistle and its connection to Daurgothoth. When the rogue mentioned the name, the pale woman spoke into Catti-brie’s ear and then shifted a few steps back. With a concerned look, Catti-brie shared her knowledge of this entity. She explained that Daurgothoth was known as the Creeping Doom and was an archmage, dracolich, and one of the most powerful beings in all of Faerûn. It is written that he was consumed to complete two near-impossible goals. First, to become the most powerful creature in the world, and the second was to breed his own race of living dracoliches. Once an enormous black dragon of incredible power, Daurgothoth chose to become a dracolich because of the power that transformation entailed. Some say he convinced a high-ranking member of the Cult of the Dragon that he wished to join the Cult. However, he manipulated the process from the beginning, so that when the transformation was made, the Cult had no magical influence over him. It was after achieving lichdom, that he killed those present and vanished into the unknown. After pausing for a moment, she agreed to inform the group on whether Nightcaller could be destroyed in the primordial’s flaming form. She returned her attention back to Bruenor and the group realized that their audience was finished.

Later that evening, Catti-brie met the party again and informed them that she would attempt to destroy Nightcaller by offering into the Maegera’s flames. She said that the primordial agreed to destroy it the following day. She casually discussed Luskan with Dyan’ette and suggested that the primordial in Gauntylgrym had a connection with the Host Tower and its regrowth. She also suggested that the forges of Gauntylgrym should aid the drow diviner in his construction of a staff, though many of the formulas used in the past have been changed or varied. She remarked that Mystra rewards those that seek to further magic and the knowledge of magic within the realms.

16 Nightal (The Drawing Down) – Tamnai’s Day of Birth

Carden sought the others out to arrange a surprise for Tamnai. The rogue was aware that her day of birth was on 16 Nightal and schemed to prepare a celebration dinner for her. The Sunite followed her friend to the small dining hall awaiting to hear his latest gratitude for her aid in his toxicology efforts. She smiled knowing he preferred to be busy and the last several days had been successful, even with his accidental poisoning of himself. He chattered more than usual and she started to suspect something when he opened the doors. Rhogar, Dyan’ette, Aelith, and Droom stood as she entered and then Carden burst into celebration that he had delivered her to her own celebration without her any the wiser. The group offered her their congratulations and friendship as they ate and drank while discussing their individual efforts over the past weeks. Rhogar shared that he had learned that the king’s daughter should arrive on the morrow. Droom confirmed that he had heard likewise. Each drank into the evening celebrating the day of birth of their good friend and devout cleric.

19 Uktar (The Rotting) through 15 Nightal (The Drawing Down) – Downtime in Gauntylgrym

These 27 days were used to finally turn attention toward personal needs without the threat of outside forces bearing down on the group. Gauntylgrym proved hospitable, especially after their deeds were publicly lauded by King Bruenor at the feast. As the group waited for his daughter to return so he could decide upon their request to destroy Nightcaller in the fires of the primordial, they spent their time well.

Using the feast to gain access to many of the middle-class of Gautylgrym, Aelith caroused with the dwarves over the next several days and commissioned a mithral suit of half plate armor. He spent much time with several of the dwarves of Gauntylgrym and trained his cartography skills.

Carden initially searched for magical items only to discover that his notoriety gave him access to a class willing to sell such but with powerful items far outweighing his purse. So, he turned his efforts toward unravelling the formula for the sleep poison used by the drow. After successfully discovering the formula, he asked Tamnai for help to reproduce a similar toxin from surface ingredients. His success was bittersweet as he reproduced a dose of a comparable poison, only to nick himself and earn a long rest.

Tamnai spent several days with dwarven alchemists sharing and learning. She was gifted a book of alchemy with enlightening formulas and lore. However, her exuberance gave way to haste and she scorched the later dozen pages with a caustic acid while she experimented in one of the alchemy labs. Keeping this from the dwarves, she agreed to assist Carden in his toxicology efforts to mimicking the drow sleep poison for the remaining weeks.

Dyan’ette submerged himself in his efforts to further enchant his staff. After an introduction to an unorthodox deep gnome named Anverth Glittergem, the diviner doubled his efforts and spent weeks researching and preparing the staff with Anverth’s guidance. The gnome advocated repurposing a large clear crystal from a drained magic rod and the dwarves easily mounted the crustal in the claw atop the staff. Dyan’ette ritually poured spells daily into the staff after offering some of his blood to aid in the absorption of his magic. Anverth assured him that this would accelerate the process and help him master the staff as it was enchanted.

Droom turned to his heritage and his skills to impress the dwarves of Gauntylgrym by working along their stonemasons and stonecutters. The first week, earned some coin for his tireless work and the next couple of weeks he caroused in the dwarven taverns and circles. He finished his weeks searching for some maps and luckily discovered a recent map of the Sword Coast along with two underdark maps.

Rhogar sank himself in the dwarven culture and dwarven language. His unnatural appearance and charismatic demeanor allowed him to surround himself with dwarves willing to assist him in learning the language and a trained tutor found Rhogar fascinating. Weeks of rote learning of the Dethek runes along with common phrases, sayings, and usage of the language allowed him to speak and write the dwarven tongue legibly. The only other task Rhogar completed was commissioning a symbol of Bahamut emblazoned upon his shield.

18 Uktar (The Rotting) (cont) – A Feast of Celebration

The group discussed shared their findings in both the loot discovered on the drow and the return of the primordial from the iron flask. Realizing that they were being lead to a different part of Gauntylgrym, they soon passed by an infirmary for some healing and then shown their new chambers. Each member had a private room with amenities more accustom on the surface. Several hides and woven pillows created a bed and each room had a table with chairs, a chest, a water closet and several tapestries with frames to give the impression of windows. The dwarves informed them that they would be given some time to rest, clean up and prepare for the evening feast in their honor.

A few hours later, Angmar Ironshield arrived to collect the group for the feast. The priest informed them that they were to be honored and be on their best behavior as he guided them deeper into the dwarven fortress. The next few hours were spent reveling among 300 hundred dwarves in a vast hall prepared to celebrate the recovery of Maegera and the defeat of the drow intruders. The group were given positions of honor at the head table to the left and right of King Bruenor and his Fellhammer queens. After a toast to each of the group’s heroics from a mug drawn directly from the king’s magical shield, the evening stretched with a series of toasts, drinks, food, and stories. As the feast slowly concluded, King Bruenor awarded each of the party a dwarven-crafted mithral belt buckle in the Delzoun crest of an Anvil behind a standing Warhammer. He also invited them to remain for the winter in Gauntylgrym were their deeds would allow them access to the finest craftsmen and hardiest of festivities.

Unable to avoid discussing their true purpose for visiting Gauntylgrym, the subject of destroying Nightcaller was queried. Bruenor, with a concerned look, agreed that he would consider their request after he discussed with his daughter upon her return within a few weeks.

18 Uktar (The Rotting) (cont) – Drow Intruders!

Outside of the audience chamber, Angmar informed the party that he would have two dwarves lead them back to their chambers to rest until the evening meal. At dinner, they could reveal any needs they have, goods or services they require, and then be given an initial tour of the trades ward. The two dwarves outside the audience chamber stepped forward and one took lead to return back to the group’s quarters. As Angmar departed the opposite direction, the second dwarf followed the party.

Several minutes into their return, Dyan’ette spotted a mark on the wall and gave warning to Carden and Aelith in front of him. The group halted after hearing that the mark was a drow waymark and only lasted an hour before drying. While informing the dwarven escorts of such and the need to inform others, a loud noise reverberated through the halls. The dwarves quickly confirmed that it was the alert of intruders and the party suggested that they follow the waymarks before the disappear to discover who made them. The dwarves agreed and the group hurried forth looking for other similar marks. Catching sight of three more as the twisted and turned along the lower corridors in Gauntylgrym, the group asked where this was leading. The lead dwarf announced that these were the old Halls of the Gods and not frequented as much since the reclamation.

Just then, three bolts shot from cover ahead to harmlessly strike the shield and armor of the lead guard. Three cloaked figures rushed out of the chamber and the party and guards pursued. The cloaked figures started to outpace the dwarves, but the party continued pursuit strectching their formation. Rhogar stopped to cast a spell and then bolted ahead only paced by Carden. Tamnai, Aelith and Dyan’ette followed. Aelith suggested that the other guard go warn the dwarves where the intruders were seen. The guard agreed quickly and turned back to get reinforcements. Droom and the other guard brought up the rear on their shorter stout legs.

Rhogar and Carden burst into a large long chamber following the cloaked figures and battle ensued. Faerie fire settled upon Rhogar as he entered, yet Carden evaded the glimmering magic. The firing of hand crossbows ringed out and many found their mark in Rhogar. Resisting the poison, the paladin continued forward. Aelith, Tamnai and Dyan’ette entered just in time to see a second volley fire at Rhogar with one piercing his hand as he held it out. These were drow, drow in Gauntylgrym! Darkness fell at the entrance to obscure sight and Tamnai answered with a daylight spell to obliterate the darkness. As Rhogar and Carden tried to engage the drow closer, they peeled back and more surged forward. A half a dozen drow warriors with hand crossbows firing eventually exchanged for buckler and shortsword. A web spell blocked the side advances of the party and covered Aelith who leaped free to engage, while Rhogar received another wound to his hand. Dyan’ette filled a large section of the room with pyrotechnic smoke causing the drow to reposition. A caster became visible and Tamnai’s daylight was dispelled. Seeing the disadvantage that the spell could bring to the drow, the Sunite called forth daylight again. Droom and the guard rushed into the fray and chaos erupted. Another dispel of the sunlight gave the drow renewed hope and two shadow demons emerged to join the fray. Dyan’ette sent forth a fireball into the drow’s defense and carefully selected targets knowing the savagery of his kind. A lightning bolt rocked through some of the party to suggest another caster was unseen. Tamnai called forth daylight again to set the drow and demons back on their heels. The demons were the first to fall along with two drow warriors, however their blades continued to find gaps in the group’s defense and poison burned with each slice from a shortsword. One of the drow casters fell and the tide turned until a drider appeared from the smoke. Spells were exchanged and steel rang repetitively with both sides taking damage. The drow and drider focused on Tamnai as the group seemed to focus on the spellcaster and his guardian warriors.

As Tamnai started to take damage, Dyan’ette called for his magic and shifted the Sunite into a huge cave ape that savagely struck at those about her. Carden fell to the floor dying, but Rhogar quickly cast curative magics from a distance to cause the rogue to gasp for air as he realized his plight. As Droom and Aelith pressed the drow warriors, the battle started to turn in the Warden’s favor. Droom noticed the hidden drow mage slip from the smoke and dart behind one of the square pillars. More importantly, the dwarf noticed that the drow dropped something attached to his belt as he hastily made the dash. Within a few moments, the drider and the remaining drow warriors were slain and the group searched for the mage. While Carden discovered a hidden door, Aelith announced that heavily armored dwarves were approaching and Dyan’ette dropped Tamnai’s ape form. Discovering that the hidden passage was filled with webs to cover the mage’s escape, the group hurriedly relayed this to Athrogate and the dozen armored companions. The burly dwarf cried aloud and ordered the dwarves to burn the webs away as they descended on the escaped drow’s heels.

As the last dwarf descended from sight, Droom announced that he recovered a warm flask the drow mage unknowingly dropped as he rushed to escape. Holding the reddish flask in his hand for observation, Dyan’ette started to detect for magic. The drow winced as if looking into a bright light as he informed the group that the flask was very magical. As the group started to discuss the flask, King Bruenor along with a dozen spike armored gut busters arrived to inquire on the situation at hand. Determined to follow any escapees, the King paused when Droom showed the flask and explained that the surviving drow dropped it as he fled. Bruenor deferred to a gnome accompanying him and the gnome studied the flask a moment before speaking excitingly to the king in gnomish. A huge smile spread on Bruenor’s face as he praised Moradin and graciousl thanked the party for their efforts. He commented on the battlefield surrounding him and expressed his approval at the group’s efficiency. Asking if the group wanted to accompany him, he turned and headed out of the chamber. All but Carden and Dyan’ette agreed to join the king and did so. Looking to loot the drow, Carden and Dyan’ette quickly turned their efforts to discovering what the drow possessed.

Dyan’ette discerned that a few of magical items were among the fallen drow. Carden seemed more concerned about collecting any poison and wealth discovered. He gathered over a dozen gems and convinced Dyan’ette to share a greater percentage with him since the party did not need them as much. Hesitantly, the drow diviner agreed but insisted that any coin be placed in the party fund to be divided equally. After this persuading conversation, the rogue returned to collecting the drow hand crossbows and their poisoned darts secured in the small thigh quivers they used. Dyan’ette chose to identify the items during this period and unveiled a cloak of displacement worn by the fallen mage and a pouch containing dust of tracelessness taken from the drider. Drow weapons and armor of quality were carried by each, though exposure to the surface and the sun would cause them to erode according to Dyan’ette. An elegant staff topped by a spider holding a diamond was gripped by the fallen mage and certainly would fetch a good price.

Meanwhile, Bruenor travelled deeper into Gautylgrym with the rest of the party in tow. The king slowed as he approached a series of hearths and forges. He turned to the group and explained that the drow had somehow used the iron flask he held to capture the fire primordial known as Maegera. The very primordial that heats the fires of Gauntylgrym. The group exchanged worried glances as this was also the very primordial rumored to erupt Mount Hotenow and destroy most of Neverwinter a decade or so ago. After speaking with his rock gnome companion and awaiting the gnome to use magical spells in hopes to guide his actions, Bruenor cautioned all to stay back as he took the iron flask to the central forge and removed the top while speaking arcane syllables. A wave of intense heat washed over the entire room as a gout of white flame surged forth into the forge and down its chute. The hearths and forges in the massive room sprang to life with a lesser heat while a reddish glow crept up the outer walls of the massive chamber. Bruenor turned with his beard smoldering to reveal a wide smile. He announced that all was well and that the group would be honored for their part in recovering the primordial. Two dwarves were assigned to accompany the group to collect their friends and then to their new chambers.

18 Uktar (The Rotting) (cont) – The King of Gauntylgrym

The walls of the circular audience chamber were filled with carvings of the Morndinsamman, the dwarven pantheon. All twelve of the dwarven gods were intricately chiseled with great detail. A slightly raised platform rested opposite the entrance and two alcoves with doors laid behind the single heavy stone chair on the platform. A dwarf with wild red hair and beard with a large hawk-like nose as if broken several times and blue eyes sit observantly with his elbows on his knees. To each side stood an armored dwarven female. The left wore a crooked grin while the right scowled as if looking through the group as they approached.

Angmar walked forward and bowed deeply, “Me King!” as the party members followed and bowed accordingly. King Bruenor smiled and called for all to rise and for Angmar to continue. Angmar introduced the group one-by-one and explained their aid in the security of the caravan and their slaying of a fire giant and several frost giants. Bruenor listened and nodded his approval. The discussion turned toward Glitterhame where Carden ended up explaining the group’s story. Upon the mention of Renir Copperbeard, one of the females left through the alcove as Carden continued the story. After a few questions and assurances that the party could provide a map to the location they entered Glitterhame, even if the earthquake destroyed it, the discussion paused as Bruenor inspected the items claimed there. The ancient coins, the rosewood dwarven statue, the hammer of warning “Sentinel” and the throwing axe “Winter’s Breath”. The king offered ten times the value for the gold coins and another 250 gold in goods and services at Gauntylgrym. The female dwarf returned with two younger dwarves discovered to be descendants of Renir Copperbeard. The king informed each that they were to be proud of their grandfather and that after the winter, they would travel to Goldenfields to reclaim their grandfather’s remains to be interned with honor in the burial vaults of Gauntylgrym. The two young dwarves were elated and thanked the king and party for the news before they left. The women were introduced as the King’s Queens, Mallabritches and Tannabritches Fellhammer.

Darker discussion took place next as all within the chamber wanted to hear what evil artifact the group had brought to Gauntylgrym and why. After a long admission of the story behind Nightcaller, its founding, its loss, its promises of power to Carden, its return, and its whispers to others; King Bruenor commanded that it not be removed from the extradimensional space while in Gauntylgrym for now. The ancient coins and the statue were removed and then he commanded that the bag be unused until proper consultation with his priests and his daughter upon her return from Luskan. Until then, the party would be welcome in Gauntylgrym and be considered honored guests. Angmar would see to their needs and could arrange access to services, goods, tradesmen, or shopkeeps.


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