Adventurer's Beware

20 Marpenoth (Leaffall) – The Trial

Morning came swiftly and the group ate a light breakfast and prepared for their trial. After coordinating that their magical items were secured, the group was escorted to the River Shining Tavern for their trial. Upon arrival, they joined Yeshua and Dyan’ette in the tavern’s main room. Mya explained that the council usually met here as it was the largest room and historically had been the preference for council meetings and large trials. The common room had been cleared and seven seats upon a lifted platform were in place for the judges. The group stood as the masked council members entered, all wearing the masks Mya had explained to them. A dozen guards were in the room as was several benches filled with townsfolk there to witness and confirm the trial. Opposite the council were the two tables for the pleaders and the chairs for the party members.

The trial was long and tiring as both pleaders made their case and called for the supporting evidence. Each member of the party was called to testify and did their best to remember the points Mya had counseled. Yeshua’s testimony was sufficient and the monk refrained from placing any blame and simply stated the facts to his best recollection. Carden’s and Tamnai’s testimony were less impressive, as each stumbled a few times with their expressions and words. However, Mya nodded to each as if they were sufficient. Surprisingly, Aelith’s and Dyan’ette’s testimonies were well received. The hunter delivered his words with clarity and emphasis that made the Untherites appear as both instigator and deceiver. The drow used his persuasiveness to insinuate whether his actions or his race were actually being tried. He expressed a loss for his friend Rhogar that had been an honorable and respected paladin and member of the Order of the Gauntlet.

A brief recess was taken and Mya expressed her approval of the trial thus far. When the trial resumed, additional testimony from others, that performed the investigation of the site and in the town, along with Bando’s discussions with the departed seemed to support the story the party had provided. The two pleaders made their way forward to give their closing remarks. The prosecutor started strong, but faltered when addressing the charge of murder by speaking Dyan’ette’s race. Mya’s delivery was extremely strong and she capitalized on the possible bias of the prosecutor as well as the Untherites premeditated savagery and vile actions.

Another short recess occurred before the council voted. The charge of murder against Dyan’ette was tied at three votes of guilty (Rayon, Deldrin, and Silvui) and three votes of not guilty (Derval, Theera, and Nartan) before Balabar Smenk voted not guilty to solidify Dyan’ette’s innocence. The charge of Offensive Spellcasting with Malicious Intent against Dyan’ette was tied at three votes of guilty (Nartan, Deldrin, and Silvui) and three votes of not guilty (Derval, Rayon, and Theera) before Balabar Smenk voted not guilty to solidify Dyan’ette’s innocence. The charges of Trespassing were unanimously not guilty with the exception of Deldrin’s vote for guilty. The charges of Structural Damage were unanimously guilty with the exception of Theera’s vote of not guilty. The charge of Arson was tied at three votes of guilty (Derval, Rayon, and Deldrin) and three votes of not guilty (Theera, Nartan, and Silvui) before Balabar Smenk voted not guilty to grant the party an innocent result.

A punitive fine of 150 gold coins was assessed for the structural damage charge of guilty and the group’s release could be processed upon payment. The group thanked Mya for her representation, paid the fine, and reformed at the Lady Luck tavern except for Yeshua who said his goodbye after the trial’s results. The party gathered their horses and gear, arranged for the respectful cremation of Rhogar’s remaining body, dropped Rhogar’s borrowed shield back at the Table of the Sword, and then traveled to Derval’s Bright Blade shop. Once there, they purchased another shield from Derval while expressing thanks to the guildmaster. He simply replied that there was still unfinished business regarding the revenant of Derwin and excused himself back to the forges. Dyan’ette delivered a couple of missives to Mya and the group visited the Fairfortune Hall to get more information about the druid from Bando.

Bando welcomed the group and explained that the druid they seek is known as Enth and she could be found at the Floshin Estate some 25 miles north of Daggerford. The Halfling described the route to get to the estate and further revealed that she seeks an adventuring group to complete what another failed to complete. As the patron of adventurers, Tymora guided him in helping the druid and he wants to ensure that his recommendations are not affiliated with failure. He handed the group a set of rare oils and herbs that should cover at least half of the ingredients for the reincarnation spell they seek. He also handed a list of rare ores and gemstone materials needed and suggested that Korbus could provide these if the party has the funds to cover such. The group immediately visited Korbus and coordinated the preparation of the ingredients for 500 gold pieces. An hour or so later, the group departed Korbus’s with the ingredients. Dyan’ette also received the collection of knowledge on gems and their magical properties he ordered prior to the trial. As the group exited Daggerford, Dyan’ette handed out cloak pins in the shape of a dragon wing with the letters W and C upon them. He tucked the other two away in hopes to hand Rhogar one in the near future. After a two hour ride, the group found a suitable spot to camp and settled under the starry sky free of Daggerford and its politics.

19 Marpenoth (Leaffall) – The Council of Judges

The day dragged as the group waited to hear anything from Mya. Eventually, she arrived and escorted them to the Pleader’s Consortium. She explained that they are not to mention or name any of the members of the court, but she had knowledge of those appointed and discussed them so the group understood their jury and judges.

The seven masked members of the council selected for the trial were as follows: (1) Derval Ironeater of the Blacksmiths’ Guildhouse would be wearing a thick iron bull mask. He was familiar with your group and hopefully considered your efforts in the past with favor. (2) Rayon Deloreen of the Leatherworker’s Conglomerate would be wearing a red/purple leather mask with pursed lips. She was known to dislike adventurers and her area of concern, the Tannery, was where the incident occurred with damages. She was appointed even after Mya argued of bias toward the group. (3) Theera Marrora of the Mariner’s Alliance would be wearing a bone female face with peacock feathers. She was very fond of Ronan Stormweather and he likely influenced her appointment. (4) Nartan the Merchant of the Merchant’s Guild would be wearing an elaborate gold mask with gem and pearl accents. He normally favored adventurers since they stimulate the economy, but was known to be very pragmatic. Mya felt he was a member that could be an asset in their favor with the facts uncovered to this point. (5) Deldrin Baleson of the Thinker’s Fraternity would be wearing an angular silver mask with scrolls and musical notes upon it. This was not a good omen as Eldrac was of this guild and Mya argued the obvious conflict of interests to no avail. (6) Madame Silvui of the Taverner’s Consortium would be wearing an elaborate brightly-colored butterfly mask with filigree and gemstones. She was a wildcard, but had been seen in the company of Nelkin “The Snail” Danniker the past two days. The last member, Balabar Smenk of the Miner’s Syndicate would be wearing a full white mask of various metal filigree with a triangular jaw. His presence was rare as he usually avoided councils, especially any criminal councils.

Mya covered the rules and behaviors expected of the trial and went over each member’s statements and likely questions to be asked of each. The day was filled with the tedious process and all were happy to return for rest, even Yeshua.

18 Marpenoth (Leaffall) – A Small Friend

Around noon, Mya escorted the party to the Pleader’s Consortium and left them in the familiar room. Shortly after she left, a Halfling with a cane and an obvious deformity entered and introduced himself as Bando the Lame, the priest of Fairfortune Hall, shrine of Tymora. After chastising the group for never visiting him and his shrine, since they had made efforts to visit the other temples and shrine in Daggerford, he claimed it as pure luck since he is the only order in the town to not have previous exposure to the group. He relayed that his spells had provided the questioning of the deceased and that he was inclined to attempt a few other attempts to solidify the facts thus far.

Bando explained that he was informed of their current deceased friends issue and that he visited the remains being kept at the Table of the Sword. He also revealed that he could offer a more certain solution in the form of a druid available to perform the reincarnation if the group could aid him after their legal woes were ended. The druid he has access to is only 25 miles north and currently needs assistance in an endeavor familiar to adventurers. After some additional drinks and banter, Bando departs and the party seem more confident in their hopes to bring back Rhogar.
Shortly after Bando’s departure, Mya returns and explains that she is still attempting to secure favorable judges. She also reveals that the group likely has some opposition in town as others are sinking coin into obtaining unfavorable judges as well. She returns them to the Lady Luck tavern so she can continue her case to represent the group.

17 Marpenoth (Leaffall) – Bureaucracy

Unable to leave the tavern, the group settled into an uneasy acceptance of the current situation. Mya eventually arrived and escorted them to the Pleader’s Consortium to reveal her strategy. She started by sharing the information from the magical investigation as a result from clerical inquiries of speaking with the dead at the scene. The speak with dead was unsuccessful on the mulani and she informed the group that she would use this to paint a picture that their intents were unlawful and malicious in nature. The speak with dead on one of the men on the barge revealed that he along with others were hired by a mulani man as protection against an adventuring party wanting the mulani dead. According to what they were told by the mulani. He was part of a group of thugs hired in Waterdeep and an additional group of bandits joined the group, hired by the mulani, north of Daggerford. Mya smiled as she described her usage of such information in their defense. The man also admitted that there were four mulani men and a mulani woman on the barge during the battle. The speak with dead on Eldrac revealed that he was lured to the barge by a mulani man to purchase a book on dwarven lore and that an armored mulani man bound him and stated he would be released if the dragonborn submitted. He recognized the dragonborn as Rhogar and that Rhogar attacked his captor first after the captor requested his hand in exchange for Eldrac’s life. The only other pertinent information revealed was that he saw flames being hurled from the sky by the mulani priest and then another flame wrapped about him and all went dark. Mya expressed that the fact that Rhogar attacked first could possibly be balanced by the intent to maim him and the threat of killing Eldrac and possible other innocents as the note your group provided to her suggested.

Another fact of possible relevance was that five other men were found slain a mile north on the Trade Way and may be those that fled the barge that night. They were beheaded so that information could not be obtained from them and this could reinforce the savagery of the Untherites. Mya assured the group that now would be the time to reveal any allies or enemies among the guildmasters that they possible have attained. The council will be made of seven members, but they have yet to be determined. Coin could aid the group at securing an appointment or some favor among those appointed. The trial was set for the morning of 20 Marpenoth which would place their slain friend deceased a little over five days.

That evening while sitting in the Lady Luck, the group received a small box with some magical sand in it that created an illusion suggesting that they would be met by a friend.

16 Marpenoth (Leaffall) – Charges to include murder

After a quick breakfast, the group joined Mya for the walk to the Constable where the preliminary trial was to take place. Upon arrival, Yeshua joined them in the meeting chamber and Mya informed them of the rules of the court and the need to restrain any outbursts or objections. A preliminary trial would set charges only and then they would be able to discuss the way ahead.

Gathered in a large room, the group stood as a masked man entered to read the charges. Mya had explained that the Ruling Council of Daggerford consisted of the Guildmasters and patterned themselves after the Masked Lords of Waterdeep, though their masks were not enchanted like those of Waterdeep. The councilman continued with the following charges: two counts of the charge of Murder, one for Dyan’ette and one for Rhogar with the latter recused due to the charged being deceased; two counts of Offensive Spellcasting with Malicious Intent, one for Dyan’ette and one for Rhogar with the latter recused due to the charged being deceased; six counts of Trespassing with one recused due to the charged being deceased; six counts of Structural Damage with one recused due to the charged being deceased; six counts of Arson with one recused due to the charged being deceased.

Dyan’ette’s visage immediately changed to one of obvious hatred, however, he refrained from any actions or words. The councilmen explained that the charges for murder and offensive spellcasting were accompanied by either confinement or watch escorts assigned to the offender until the trial. The group took their cues from Mya and waited for the preliminary formalities to finish. Mya escorted the group back to the meeting chamber to discuss the charges. She explained that the actual trial could take up to 5-10 days to occur, but the 200gp donation the party provided will be helpful in an attempt to accelerate it to 3-5 days. Irritated, the group agreed and decided to return to the Lady Luck. Dyan’ette accepted the watch guard upon him for trips needed to see Mya, but otherwise conceded his time to confinement at the Constable.

All awaited to hear the actual trial date.

15 Marpenoth (Leaffall) – Legal Matters

The morn of the 15th, Carden informed Aelith via the Sending Stones the need to report to the Constable for his questioning. Aelith agreed, but apprehension accompanied his travel to the Constable building.

The others, excluding Yeshua still in his cell, met with Mya in the tavern before she led them to a more suitable establishment to eat breakfast. She discussed their options and suggested that they join Aelith at the Constable so everyone could be fully aware of the process.

Aelith willingly gave his statements and recollections of the battle at the barge and the events that preceded and followed. He joined the others in a chamber where Mya laid out the process before them to include pitfalls and possible advantages they could secure. She informed them that coin could speed the process since they were pressed for time. The group agreed and paid Mya her 100 gold coin fee as well as another 200 gold to secure any benefits or advantages. She explained that she would push for the preliminary trial to be set on the morrow and from there, charges would likely be announced. At that point, dependent upon the charges, she would need to meet with the group frequently to discuss the intricacies of a trial. She agreed to meet them that evening to reveal any findings from any investigations to this point.

The party returned to their agreed confinement at the Lady Luck and waited impatiently for the evening over a few drinks. Mya arrived in the evening and escorted the group to the Pleader’s Consortium to discuss any progression in their case. Once there, she explained that the investigation at the scene revealed the following: 20 corpses, including Eldrac Bonecaster and two Mulan men were found, their deaths were caused by fire, blunt trauma, blade wounds or a combination of those, significant property damage was assessed to an estimated sum of 150gp. Additional information uncovered by the watch and her resources included: the barge was rented for the month of Marpenoth and that the current owner was said to have travelled to Waterdeep a week ago, the barge’s normal crew was scattered in Daggerford with silver payments through the end of the month to keep them busy and absent, two mulan men identified as the ones that rented the barge and the nearby two-story wooden storage structure matched the two found dead at the scene, Eldrac did not report to the Thinker’s Fraternity the day of his demise and was thought to have been sick, Eldrac Bonecaster slain by fire and he was the only resident of Daggerford among the dead, some of the other corpses were recognized as visitors that arrived a little over a week ago and they mostly frequented the Tannery area, and the last bit was that three suspects that announced themselves as Tamnai, Dyan’ette, and Yeshua entered the caravan gate shortly after the fires. Each was disheveled with wounds and some charred clothing. She also was successful at getting the preliminary trial for the next morning. After having the party retell their story together, she encouraged the group that their story along with the evidence supports the fact that the Untherites were intent on battle with a goal to destroy their friend, Rhogar. She escorted them back to the Lady Luck and stated she would return to escort them to the preliminary trial.

14 Marpenoth (Leaffall) (part 4) – Interrogation

After several conversations between the party members to include a heated discussion between Dyan’ette andYeshua, the group split again. Yeshua walked away determined to face whatever judgment Daggerford decided, though the others were focused on figuring a way to return Rhogar’s spirit to life. At Tamnai’s request, Carden removed Rhogar’s right hand in hopes to use for a reincarnation spell. He gave the hand to Dyan’ette for safe keeping in his haversack, while they moved Rhogar’s remains to a less open area and built a makeshift cairn from several large rocks.

Aelith and Carden decided to traverse the Daggerford walls and reenter through the Farmer’s gate to the north, while Tamnai and Dyan’ette would return through the southern River Gate separately with Dyan’ette under a disguise spell.

Dyan’ette entered and avoided the guard’s attention due to his disguise and then he headed for the Lady Luck tavern to reclaim his items before meeting the others. After arriving at the tavern, he secured a room under his assumed identity and cautiously watched about for nearly a half an hour before returning to his original room. There he discovered four town guard waiting which quickly took him to Owenden to discuss why this elf was entering the room of a suspect. A ruse to convince them of switched keys seemed plausible until Dyan’ette turned the blame directly on Owenden with a mention of incompetence. The ex-adventurer did not take the insult well and suggested that the guard take the elf with them for questioning since the subject they seek was known to be a practitioner of magic. The guard asked Dyan’ette to accompany them to the Constable for questioning and the dark elf in disguise wisely decided to avoid resistance. The next few hours were used to uncover Dyan’ette’s ruse and question him about the incident on the barge at the Tannery.

Tamnai attempted to reenter the River Gate several moments after Dyan’ette and was recognized by the guard to be a subject of interest and was escorted to the Constable for questioning. Likewise, she was questioned extensively and held awaiting the others in her group to be found for questioning.

Aelith, under a magical disguise, entered with Carden from the north and hurried to Zalamandra’s Emporium, an extension of the upscale River Shining Tavern, in hopes to find Garavelle, the friendly fence acquaintance of the rogue. A quick disguise kit application for Carden, and he and Aelith entered the lavish and exotic establishment after paying the silver piece admission. Garavelle was found working one of the gambling stations and after some thieves’ cant exchange, she approached Carden on her break. Carden revealed his identity and asked her to liquidate the 500gp writ the party acquired from House Hukreel. She flirted a bit and assured the pair she could do so for a 10% fee and asked them to return in two hours for the payment.

Carden asked Aelith to acquire the funds after discovering that Dyan’ette was taken and Tamnai was unaccounted for at the Lady Luck. His intent was to report to the Constable for any questioning and hopefully clear their names. Aelith agreed and returned for the gems provided by Garavelle in exchange for the writ. After this, he decided to exit the town through the Farmer Gate and camp outside the walls until the next morning. Unknowingly to him, his comrades were being questioned extensively with some having the displeasure of meeting Sheriff Cubbin. A visit by Sheren Spearslayer recommended the group obtain representation from the Pleader’s Guild.

Choosing to purchase quality representation, the group was approached later that night by Mya Silverquill, a confident pleader. Mya provided guidance and secured the group’s tentative release with bonds of 20gp for Dyan’ette and Tamnai. Carden did not require bond and Yeshua decided to stay in his cell until legalities could be concluded. Mya escorted Tamnai, Dyan’ette, and Carden back to the Lady Luck tavern to their agreed location of confinement per the agreement with the watch until their preliminary trial. After the party expressed their concerns of bringing Rhogar back and the time constraints, she informed the group to accelerate things she would need Aelith to return for questioning. The group stated they could contact him at dawn and would meet with her the next morn in the Lady Luck tavern common room. Troubled sleep eventually came to all for the night.

14 Marpenoth (Leaffall) (part 3) – Rhogar’s Folly

As the group passed the corrals and pens at the entrance to the collection of structures known simply as the Tannery, they could see the citizens closing up their shops and returning home for the evening. The sun was setting in the west and the flickering light from closed lanterns hung along the buildings confirmed night’s approach. Viewing the docks between the buildings as they approached, the group observed a large barge laden with crates and barrels at the far dock. Initially viewing a half dozen dock workers on the barge lashing crates down, the group then saw the untherite Azzed standing near a table where two others were seated on the barge’s upper level. Everyone started talking about making a plan, but the group did not pause to discuss the way ahead. Aelith, Carden, and Dyan’ette slid into an alley with visibility of the barge to assess the threat. Tamnai and Yeshua slowed just beyond the alley, but then realized that Rhogar continued along the path toward the far dock. Uncertain of what to do, Tamnai and Yeshua hurried to catch Rhogar.

The group in the alley now realized that the others had continued and hurried to formulate their response. They slid forward in the shadows beyond the lamp’s glow and saw Rhogar emerge from the shadows in clear view walking resolutely toward the barge. Cursing beneath his breath, Aelith told Carden and Dyan’ette that he was going into the river to circle to the other side of the barge. Carden and Dyan’ette noddedin acknowledgement and creeped forward on the shorter dock behind some barrels and crates. Both could now see the untherite, Azzed, confidently watching Rhogar’s approach and speaking with his leader, Samar, sitting at the table. Both drank from their cups and Azzed waved Rhoagr forward as the dragonborn crossed the plank. The shoulders and head of Eldrac could be seen sitting on the far side of the table with a look of terror on his face.

Tamnai and Yeshua followed Rhogar at a distance determined to not leave him alone but uncertain of what he planned. The Sunite quickly cast a Sanctuary spell on her friend as he walked across the plank. Both watched as the dock workers paid little attention to Rhogar’s approach, but could see that Samar and Azzed watched them closely.

Samar openly welcomed Rhogar and asked the dragonborn to sit. He then claimed he did not think the paladin would come. Tamnai and Yeshua halted to watch as soon as they boarded the barge. Rhogar and Samar exchanged words that none could hear, but those that could see Eldrac could see the man’s obvious fear. Those on the barge could also see that Eldrac was likely bound with his hands behind his seat and that a spell lingered behind Samar in the form of a glowing translucent shield and sword.

Samar smiled as he taunted Rhogar and the dragonborn kept lifting his hand and replying in unison. Chaos erupted as Rhogar cast a Guiding Bolt that blasted into Samar and the spell beyond the Gilgeam priest responded immediately by slashing the paladin.

Samar stood quickly and called forth words of power that paralyzed Rhogar where he stood. The skulk, Azzed, drew his scimitar and plunged it deeply into the held dragonborn. The floor opened beneath Rhogar to drop him hard to the deck below. One of the workers yelled out and others started reaching for their blades beneath their rain slickers.

Aelith burst from the water and scurried onto the barge to cut down a dock worker pulling a blade. Some barrels and crates burst open to reveal another half dozen men with blades just as Tamnai and Yeshua started to rush forward. Carden dived into the water and swam for the barge while Dyan’ette raised a shield about him as crossbowmen fired on him from behind. Tamnai released her wrath in a blazing circle to burn many of the workers targeted her and her allies. As she called forth a spell, it fizzled as the witch, Zeldara, countered it causing the untherite to become visible. The upper level of the barge now held Samar, Azzed, and Zeldara with the bound Eldrac.

Two more untherites burst from a door beneath the upper level and quickly fell on Rhogar’s frozen form with dagger and scimitar alike. Uncertain of Rhogar’s state, Carden rolled onto the barge and engaged those near Rhogar. Time seemed to slow as the party fought onward, but their injuries mounted. Samar called forth Spirit Guardians that the party knew would damge any that approached him. Dyan’ette suffered three crossbow bolts to his back as he swam for the barge. Rhogar lay dying as Carden fought to aid him. Yeshua rushed about trying to remove the numerous threats in positions of advantage. Tamnai was diminished by Zeldara’s counterspells. Aelith savagely removed threats but was equaled by Azzed. Calculating, Samar called forth a flamestrike the wounded a few of the party badly and gained his forces further advantage. Carden aided Rhogar to gain consciousness, but pressed the fight away from him. Seeing the opportunity, Azzed disengaged Aelith and finished the dragonborn with a sword stroke across his throat and a dagger into his forehead. With most of the enemy disguised as workers down, the party gathered behind cover in hopes to reassert their attack. Carden was felled against the two lower untherites and Azzed and Dyan’ette sent a fireball to consume Samar, Zeldara, and the innocent Eldrac. The magical flames washed over the first two with little effect but burned the life from the bounded scholar. Samar sent another flamestrike to end the groups assault and break their will. It fell both Tamnai and Dyan’ette. Injured and alone, Aelith and Yeshua could see that this battle was lost. Aelith leaped back into the water and used his magical means to swim underwater toward the dock before emerging to assess the enemy’s intent. Yeshua attempted one last act by sprinkling the pixie dust on himself. Feeling the ability of flight surge through him, he snatched the dying form of Tamnai and moved her behind cover at the back of the barge before feeding her a healing potion. The Sunite called forth spirit guardians as the two lower untherites rushed her and Yeshua. The monk’s strikes and her spell slew the two, but she knew that Samar, Azzed, and Zeldara remained barely even injured. Hopelessness crept into her and Yeshua remarked, “we should retreat”.

Tamnai gambled by calling out, “You have the dragonborn, you slew him, leave the others and let this be done.” With an amused response, Samar agreed to the desperate ploy and told her to drop her spells. Tamnai did so with hope that she could save her friends currently bleeding out on the burning barge. Azzed kicked the mask from Carden’s face, but refrained from further action as Samar pointed him to take the lead. Aelith watched as the three slowly made their way from the barge and then the ranger submerged again to be out of the range of the guardian spirits that surely slew Carden and Dyan’ette if they were not dead yet. As the untherites departed, tamnai burst forth and fell to Dyan’ette’s closer form. She called forth for Sune to call back his soul before it departed. The drow gasped and convulsed as breath returned and blood trickled from his mouth. The drow gripped his chest as if on fire. Wasting no time, the priestess rushed to Carden. Between sobs, she called forth again for Sune’s favor to bring back her friend, her fellow Waterdeep citizen. Carden choked as blood and vomit erupted from his gullet. He rolled to his side with a feeling of nausea and a deep sense of loss. Aelith returned to the barge and stood with Yeshua, both realizing that the body of Rhogar was headless. The air was thick and palpable as the group realized their condition and their recent loss. The sounds of authorities could be heard in the distance and the fires burned slowly on the barge. Aelith confirmed that Eldrac was dead and the group decided to take Rhogar’s body and depart the scene.

Aelith and Carden took Rhogar’s headless form and swam the river upstream to meet the group once they found someone in Daggerford to return the paladin’s life or guide them to such possibilities.

Tamnai, Dyan’ette, and Yeshua avoided the authorities and returned to the caravan gate wet and wounded. After giving their names to the suspicious guards, they visited the Table of the Sword, Morningglow Tower, and finally the Harvest House to find that none in Daggerford had the ability to raise a headless corpse. All suggested that the closest temple with a high priest or priestess with such power would likely be in Waterdeep or Baldur’s Gate. Shale also suggested that the high druids that frequent Goldenfields have abilities to bring back a slain friend, but the risk of a different form is common. Distraught and beaten, the trio headed south to the River Gate to join the others with Rhogar’s remains and inform them of the painful news.

14 Marpenoth (Leaffall) (part 2) – Corwin’s Final Rest

As the group approached Dervals’ Bright Blade, the sound of hammers could be heard from the structure ahead. Upon entering, a dwarf asked the party on their needs and went to deliver their message to Derval once the group revealed their purpose. Several minutes passed before Derval entered and waved the group to follow him.

The dwarven guildmaster led them further into the structure to an open room with several other dwarves standing with their arms crossed and the brows furrowed. Wasting no time, Derval asked “You have the remains of my brother Corwin?”

Yeshua stepped forward and handed the dwarf the backpack with Corwin’s remains. Derval carefully removed each bone and laid it upon a wide table behind him. He then asked the group for the ring so he can speak to his brother one last time and confirm his remains. He suggested they wait outside in the entry room of the shop and that he would send for them when he attuned to the ring and spoke with his brother. The group respected his requests and admired the armors and weapons in the outer room until they had looked at all at least a few times. A dwarf beckoned them back again to speak with Derval.

The guildmaster acknowledged their success in recovering his brother’s bones and affirmed that Tamnai’s oath was fulfilled. He imparted troubling news to the group. His brother slain by the party, Derwin, visited only a few days after the group left Daggerford last. Derwin wore another’s form and clearly was not of the living. He tried to deceive Derval about his death and his hand in Corwin’s death. An argument ensued and the revenant attacked Derval. Four dwarves were slain by the revenant before Derval was able to deliver the killing blow to the human corpse inhabited by his treacherous brother. After mourning the loss of their dwarven brethren, all thought that the issue was resolved. However, a patrol within the town was slain two nights later and the culprit matched the description of Govan Ironsmasher, one of the fallen dwarves. Upon investigating his stone coffin, it was found smashed and empty. A full search was called for by the town guard and militia and the dwarves aided to no avail. The next two weeks, there were no sightings of the dwarf nor any murders. Derval suspects that Derwin, whatever form he has taken, fled Daggerford and will certainly cause further carnage. He recommends that the party be wary as he clearly bore a hatred of Tamnai, Dyan’ette, and Carden.

The group left the smithy uncertain of the revenant’s plans or abilities to enact his revenge. As they neared the Lady Luck Tavern, a young boy dashed up to Rhogar, smiled really big, and handed the dragonborn a small wrapped package. As the boy darted away, Rhogar opened the package as others cautioned him.

Rhogar unraveled the single parchment inside and read:

The future of a few depend on your decision to accept your fate. The scholar of Delzoun and several residents to include a few youths too eager for their own sake await your arrival at the Tannery docks. Time is not a luxury as you have a few minutes beyond dusk before they fulfill their purpose and you miss the chance to settle your debts.

The group exchanged worried glances and started heading toward the caravan gate in unison. A few recognized and shared the scholar of Delzoun reference was likely Eldrac Bonecaster, the member of the Thinker’s Fraternity that provided the group information that led to Renir Copperbeard. The group hurried toward the tannery docks believing they could arrive near dusk if they kept a brisk pace.

14 Marpenoth (Leaffall) – (part 1) Return to Daggerford

The rain continued as the group broke camp and prepared to finish their trek to Daggerford. The muddy road and chill autumn wind did little to comfort the group as their morning passed. By noon, the group looked upon the town of Daggerford, the Delimbiyr River, its Bridge, and the Tannery and fenced stock opposite the town along the Trade Way. Restful for the warmth of a dry inn, the group made the Caravan Gate a dozen or so minutes later.

Similar to Waterdeep, the group decided to split up and handle their affairs with the plan to rejoin at the Lady Luck Tavern. Dyan’ette and Aelith decided to secure rooms at the tavern and wait for the others.

Carden slid into the allies and delivered his missives while securing a simple brass band with golden paint and diminutive elven writing upon the inner band surface. From there he delivered the letter to Oren’s sister Lily at the Happy Cow tavern. He also discovered that the bard penned a request for funds from his sister since she was married into the Hardcheese family that owned the Happy Cow Tavern. Another Halfling by the name of Koggin asked Carden if he could act as an agent to represent the families interests in the local money lending business issue. After explaining that a man known as Nelkin “the snail” Danniker was undermining the moneylending business in Daggerford, Koggin asked if Carden and his adventurers could pay the man a visit to ask Nelkin to stop the unsavory business. Strangely enough, the rogue accepted the story at face value and agreed to check in for Koggin.

Rhogar and Yeshua accompanied Tamnai to the stables and then proceeded to the Barracks near the Drill Fields to seek out Sheren Spearslayer. The militia Commander was present and Rhogar shared his allegiance with the Order of the Gauntlet and extended his aid if she needed it. She shared that since he had left, rumors of giants and earthquakes had reached Daggerford as did a short rash of unsolved murders.

Tamnai stabled the group’s horses and paid the fees for the night before returning to the Lady Luck.

After everyone convened at the Lady Luck Tavern, Dyan’ette pointed out the Khopesh along the wall with the inscription below suggesting “A blade to remember a hero slain by a foul wyrm”. The group then revealed their initial introduction and subsequent encounters with the Untherites to Yeshua and Aelith. Carden eventually proposed his newly gained task of approaching the money lender Nelkin and immediately received scolding by most of the group for accepting such a task without any facts beyond the halfling’s words.

The group decided to deliver the Black Earth Cult journals and the letter from Abbot Darovik to Shale at the Harvest House. Upon their arrival, the senior scribe ushered the party into a private room and listened to their story surrounding the Cult and the earthquake. He read the letter from the abbot and considered Carden’s suggested that the earthquakes north of Waterdeep could be connected. He promised to review the journals and cautioned them of accusing Balabar Smenk openly without actual evidence and suggested they speak to Ronan Stormweather about the issue. He then asked them to return the following day when they had time.

The group stopped by Korbus’s Jewels and Fine Ornaments to exchange coin and gems accordingly before splitting up again. Tamnai and Yeshua decided to return to the Lady Luck Tavern while the others accompanied Carden to the River Shining Tavern in search of Nelkin the money lender.

The encounter with ‘the snail’ did not go well. Though Aelith positioned himself within the Tavern early and Dyan’ette and Rhogar positioned outside, Carden’s demeanor was quickly discerned and countered by the experienced and cunning money lender. Carden was dismissed and the man returned to the upper quarters of the tavern. Disappointed, the group returned to the Lady Luck Tavern to plan their foray to Derval’s Bright Blade to return the remains of Corwin Ironeater.


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