Adventurer's Beware

18 Uktar (The Rotting) (cont) – The King of Gauntylgrym

The walls of the circular audience chamber were filled with carvings of the Morndinsamman, the dwarven pantheon. All twelve of the dwarven gods were intricately chiseled with great detail. A slightly raised platform rested opposite the entrance and two alcoves with doors laid behind the single heavy stone chair on the platform. A dwarf with wild red hair and beard with a large hawk-like nose as if broken several times and blue eyes sit observantly with his elbows on his knees. To each side stood an armored dwarven female. The left wore a crooked grin while the right scowled as if looking through the group as they approached.

Angmar walked forward and bowed deeply, “Me King!” as the party members followed and bowed accordingly. King Bruenor smiled and called for all to rise and for Angmar to continue. Angmar introduced the group one-by-one and explained their aid in the security of the caravan and their slaying of a fire giant and several frost giants. Bruenor listened and nodded his approval. The discussion turned toward Glitterhame where Carden ended up explaining the group’s story. Upon the mention of Renir Copperbeard, one of the females left through the alcove as Carden continued the story. After a few questions and assurances that the party could provide a map to the location they entered Glitterhame, even if the earthquake destroyed it, the discussion paused as Bruenor inspected the items claimed there. The ancient coins, the rosewood dwarven statue, the hammer of warning “Sentinel” and the throwing axe “Winter’s Breath”. The king offered ten times the value for the gold coins and another 250 gold in goods and services at Gauntylgrym. The female dwarf returned with two younger dwarves discovered to be descendants of Renir Copperbeard. The king informed each that they were to be proud of their grandfather and that after the winter, they would travel to Goldenfields to reclaim their grandfather’s remains to be interned with honor in the burial vaults of Gauntylgrym. The two young dwarves were elated and thanked the king and party for the news before they left. The women were introduced as the King’s Queens, Mallabritches and Tannabritches Fellhammer.

Darker discussion took place next as all within the chamber wanted to hear what evil artifact the group had brought to Gauntylgrym and why. After a long admission of the story behind Nightcaller, its founding, its loss, its promises of power to Carden, its return, and its whispers to others; King Bruenor commanded that it not be removed from the extradimensional space while in Gauntylgrym for now. The ancient coins and the statue were removed and then he commanded that the bag be unused until proper consultation with his priests and his daughter upon her return from Luskan. Until then, the party would be welcome in Gauntylgrym and be considered honored guests. Angmar would see to their needs and could arrange access to services, goods, tradesmen, or shopkeeps.


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