Adventurer's Beware

14 Uktar (The Rotting) – Rebuilding

As daylight ebbed into Port Llast, the survivors renewed their efforts to find either dead or living in the rubble that remained. The party witnessed Bazain Oathkeeper of Gauntylgrym and Thirbar Stoneshaft or Thornhold offer both admiration for the human’s determination and a hand toward an alliance to assist the town in rebuilding. They noted the emerging leaders of Port Llast and assessed the benefit of aiding a coastal neighbor so close to Gauntylgrym. Not wanting to impose on the resources of the town, Bazain announced that the caravan would continue to Gauntylgrym at noon, but offered his dwarves and the party to aid until they were to leave.

Carden and Rhogar followed Charcoal to the large crumbled tower at the docks. After witnessing the mastiff whimpering, the pair uncovered two dead canines similar to Charcoal and buried both. Carden also discovered and removed a studded leather barding sized for Charcoal.

Leaving Port Llast at noon, the caravan continued back to the High Road and turned north toward Luskan. After a couple of hours of travel, the caravan turned east after a boar rider continued with news of the trail to the Neverwinter Wood. Camping just before dusk within the edge of the Neverwinter Wood, the group immediately noticed the reduced chill provided by the thick trees.


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