Adventurer's Beware

13 Uktar (The Rotting) – The Unknown Fate of Port Llast

The morning brought an accumulation of nearly four inches of snow. Bazain, Angmar and Katra discussed the implications if the weather delayed their journey and shared their concern with the group. Meanwhile, Aelith returned to the group with knowledge that a large group of giants and monstrosities seemed to be gathered along the northwest a few miles ahead. It became apparent that this was not a coincidence as Port Llast was roughly in that vicinity. It was decided that the Wardens would scout ahead and determine the threat while the caravan would continue at a slower pace.

Dyan’ette’s divination unveiled frost giants slaughtering small groups of humans along the snow-covered trail leading east from the High Road. The Wardens continued cautiously until they found the fork that lead to Port Llast. A small group of fur clad humanoids bolted north as soon as they heard the group’s approach. After inspecting the prints in the snow, Aelith confirmed that the humanoids had emerged from the cut leading to the coast.

Scouting further, a scene of destroyed wagons and mutilated humans confirmed Dyan’ette’s arcane eye. Giant tracks were found and visibility was limited as the snows continued to fall and mix with a heavy fog drifting up from the cut toward the town of Port Llast. The fogs swirled as two frost giants emerged. Everyone became aware of the other and a battle ensued.

The huge axes of the frost giants were vicious and unrelenting when driven by their strength and anger. The next several minutes were chaos as one of the frost giants blew a horn and reinforcements continued to arrive. Winter wolves surged at the party and spells were released by Tamnai and Dyan’ette to burn and sear their hides along with the giant’s blue flesh. Rhogar and Droom took massive cuts from the giant’s axes and retaliated with savage strikes of their own. Aelith and Carden skirted the battle and deeply cut into both giants and wolves. Slaying the final giant as it ran for more aid, the Wardens finally caught their breath and started healing their multiple wounds. Seven frost giants and five winter wolves laid slain on the reddened snows and fire-hardened ground from spells.

Aelith sunk his hands in the snow and called to nature to reveal further threats as the group began searching the giants and gathering coin and items. The ranger looked at all with a worried glance. “There are at least nine more giants in the town below along with another ten winter wolves!”


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