Adventurer's Beware

11-12 Uktar (The Rotting) – Northern Snows

A full day in Neverwinter shopping the stores and exchanging coin and gems filled time for the group. A few meals and several drinks allowed the group to share tales with their latest member. Rhogar and Droom seemed to enjoy the other’s company as Rhogar asked many questions about dwarven habits and mannerisms. The group prepared for their departure the next morning.

The following morning brought snow and thick low clouds across the coast. The Wardens gathered their mounts, settled their costs, and rode for the northern gate onto the High Trail. A couple of hours later, they rejoined the caravan and took their posts. Droom rode with Rhogar on his conjured bear-like steed while Dyan’ette took his post atop a wagon in the falling snow. The drow watched in marvel at a sight never seen before, snow was different. The snow continued as the caravan creaked north. As evening approached and camp was set, it was obvious that the snow planned to continue through the night.


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