Adventurer's Beware

10 Uktar (The Rotting) – The Scale Calls

As the sun spread across the High Road, the caravan prepared to reach Neverwinter. Lady Hawkwinter thanked the dwarves for their company and then thanked the Wardens for their selfless deed in rescuing the farm folk. Only two farm folk decided to accompany the knight to Helm’s Hold and the others decided to travel to Neverwinter with the caravan.

As the Wardens watched Lady Hawkwinter ride west, Bazain and Angmar called them to the side to discuss Neverwinter. The caravan master suggested that the party enter the city an hour behind them as if they were not aligned with the caravan. He further asked them to stay alert once in the city and listen for any rumors or actions that would hinder the caravan’s planned departure the morning of 12 Uktar. The group agreed and watched as the caravan snaked forward until lost in the distance.

An hour later, the party mounted and headed for Neverwinter. Dyan’ette decided to remain hooded after a brief discussion with the group and eventually the stone walls of a large city stretched before them. Rhogar took lead with Tamnai and Dyan’ette riding beside him. Carden and Aelith stayed to their sides watching the surroundings and the cities walls.

Aelith and Carden both halted their horses abruptly about 300ft from the open gates to the city. With furrowed brows, they shared with the group that they received a vision of a seated dwarf through a frosty veil. Concerned, the group admitted that another scale was present in Neverwinter and that its owner was likely aware of them as well.

Tamnai suggested that she could possibly use magic to find the scale once they were in the city and the group agreed. The guards seemed helpful and suggested both taverns and inns for their stay. The city was obviously being rebuilt slowly and numerous children approached to offer services as guides. As the group followed an urchin paid to lead them to the Fallen Tower Tavern, they witnessed Neverwinter’s efforts to reclaim itself as the ‘City of Skilled Hands’ and ‘Jewel of the North’. Tamnai cast her location spell and nodded to the grouptat she felt the object they sought to the north and east. The group traveled through the ward known as the Protector’s Enclave toward the Neverwinter River that split the city into north and south. The city sprawled outward and Castle Never loomed ahead as the group approached the eastern most bridge to the northern part of the city. Tamnai confirmed that their direction remained true as they followed their urchin guide through the Bluelake District and into the Tower District. As they neared the Fallen Tower Tavern, the spell ended.

Upon entering the tavern, Carden’s eyes met those of the dwarf in the vision almost immediately. Somewhat awkwardly, the Wardens found a table as they were clearly watching the pale skinned dwarf that was watching them. Rhogar’s directness broke some of the tension as he realized the situation and pointed to the dwarf a few times while confirming with Aelith that it was the one in the vision. The Wardens were patient and ordered food and drink while waiting to see what the pale dwarf would do. Several minutes later, the pale dwarf stood and walked with purpose to their table.

A curious and guarded conversation was exchanged, but ended with a tentative alliance. The dwarf’s tale was that he had received the white dragon scale as a gift from a human barbarian tribe after slaying a giant that had wronged them. The conversation jumped several times and included discussion on Rhogar’s transformation, a goal to destroy an evil artifact carried by the party, a mission to escort dwarven goods to Gautylgrym, and other minor stories. Aelith seemed irritated at the forthright exposure of so much information. An unexpected arrival of Aristor broke some of the tension as he read this new dwarf, Droom. The consultant thanked the party for their company along the trail to Neverwinter and informed them that Bazain still planned to leave the morning of 12 Uktar. Further discussion in a more secluded area between Droom and the Wardens ended with his expectation to join them on their journey as he was fated to find others with similar scales.

The evening passed with the group watching the Fallen Tower’s ghostly entertainment and a warm bed at the Silver Serpent Inn.


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